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wait, there is more. we will get hit but hard again tonight. details straight ahead. we are talking weather this morning. it's 7:00 saturday morning december 1. thank you for joining us. it's going to be another super soaker. round three of an intense weather system hits the bay area tonight. we are under a flash flood watch right now today. we are waking up to the storm damage left behind from the second storm this week. yesterday trees crushed cars, heavy rain flooded streets. parking lots and waterways and stanford crews had to dry out that field ahead of last night's pack 12 championship game. we start with brian. he is keeping an eye on all of the rain and wind headed our way. >> good morning. we are getting a little bit of a respite with light rain being reported around the bay area. this moist southwesterly flow will not go away. as long as it doesn't we stand the chance of few light showers through tonight at midnight and then the next one winding up
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offshore will begin to move in. we have flood warnings on the russian river. it looks like it will peak monday morning and there is also flood warnings posted for the napa river at napa and at st. helena as more of the rain coming into the watersheds -- the rivers will come up to near flood stage. it's not going to be dramatically overflood stage. at least that's not the way it looks right now. along the napa river at napa or st. helena and the russian river at guerneville you to monitor this. let's show you what's supposed to happen at guerneville. forecast is to reach just above flood stage at 32.7 feet tomorrow morning -- or rather monday morning at 9:00. whereas on the napa river it looks like it will peak sunday afternoon. so stay tuned on that if you are in those areas. mean time here is how to looks for us. on and off showers through the day. heavy rain returns tomorrow morning at this time. the rain is out of the area by sunday and finally we get a chance to breathe. we will have impressive totals
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and a specific look at what's going ounfold over the next 24 hours. first let's check with ann. thank you, brian. the pg&e crews are hard at work around the clog to -- clock to keep power on for bay area customers. in north bay there are power outages affecting 90 customers. 300 customers are in the dark in the south bay and the peninsula. over in the east bay more than 200 customers right now without service. the storms are wreaking havoc on the roadways. in santa cruz county several trees and electrical polarize down. and some people decided to take matters into their own hands. >> i don't know. a tree fell down. i arrived and the road was blocked by a tree. we chain sawed it up. those with chain saws and the rest of us threw it to the sides is. pg&e says if you see a downed electrical wire, assume
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it's live and don't go near it. meanwhile people in boulder creek are watching the san lorenso river rise quickly you walk across the bottom of the river near downtown and that is no longer the case. these winter storms may challenge businesses who are trying to cash in this holiday season. walnut creek merchants say they are worried that rain is going keep shoppers away this weekend. they say that will hurt their bottom line. >> anybody doing their christmas shopping will keep people away from an outside mall like this. >> another challenge for shoppers, flooded parking lots from all of the rain. economists predict the americans will spend $586 billion this holiday season. and you can stay ahead of the storm with our interactive high def doppler radar. it's online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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cbs -- nine supreme court judges on monday the nation's highest court will take on proposition 8. it could deny to review the case which means the lower court ruling stands and same-sex couples here in california could legally marry as soon as next week. >> are we as a society that is going to allow one category of people to be denied the same rights everyone else has? it's fundamental. and for that reason it is a very big deal. >> state attorney general. there is a good chance the supreme court will decide to review prop 8. that would mean the case would be heard early next year and decision would be made by june. in other bay area headlines this morning, a manhunt in the south bay after an armed robbery turned deadly. someone shot and killed a man in his mansion on friday and during that robbery the suspect also beat up his wife according to police. now they are trying to figure
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outfit home was targeted or if that was a random invasion. we should know by next month whether san jose will allow gambling on the top floor of the casino matrix. police chief chris moore says he will make a decision before he retires at the end of january. casino owners say it will help their business but police have cited concerns about adequately monitoring gambling on a multi-floor casino. redwood city city council will consider getting tax breaks to the historic fox theater in exchange for upgrades. part ever the deal theater owners would submit a list of improvements they would make over a ten year period that would include new carpet and new theater seats. we are continuing to keep our eye on the storm this morning. some bay area friends who look like they are saying bring it on were otters couldn't stop playing in the rain. i think this is our destiny. i hope we are make her proud. >> incredible journey ends on the golden gate bridge today. 8 million people who are
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cheering this woman on and the story of friendship that lives on. you may not have heard it's going to be raining. the latest on all of that and we have another and the last in a one, two, three punch moving into the bay area tonight. we will tell you what to expect, how much and all of that weather stuff which we will get a little bit of a break even though it's still overcast. we will cover it all when we come back from a break.
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it's for the 25-th annual wd aids day. australia's fireworks celebration down under for the 25th annual world aids day. australia sidney opera house and cities all over the globe are mark the day with huge shows of support for people who live with the disease. across the bay area, several community groups will be holding events. contra costa county health services will provide free hiv testing and downsling in pittsburg. starts at 11:00 this morning and rainbow community center will hold a -- to honor people living with aids and those who have died from the disease. also having a big party in the castro in san francisco, paint the castro red. a bay area athlete's battle with lung cancer has inspired a
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unique journey and 8 million facebook followers to raise awareness and funds to fight the disease. reporter: cal grad jill costello was 22 when she died from lung cancer in 2010. it's how she lived that lives on. >> i do think that last year of jill's life and although it was her most difficult and most challenging, you know, many ways it could be the best year of her life. she did so many wonderful, amazing things and truly lived life to its fullest. >> best friend since kindergarten in san francisco, jill costello and chelsea harrison share another bond. >> i'm using my lungs. >> the 24-year-old harvard grad is spreading a simple message. anyone can get lung cancer, even nonsmokers like jill. >> the reason i'm doing this is for jill and i have that drive and i think she is watching out
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for us and making sure that wie make it to the end safely. >> kelsey took off from times square on july 30 and has spent four months on the road. >> go giants. >> do you think you will be there today? >> sidney ford who rode krewe with jill at cal as soon as having that person telling you can do this. >> when jill lost her hair to chemo sidney was by her side. >> i said if you are losing your hair how about if i cut off eight inches of mine and do it together. >> now sidney is here cheering kelsey on. it's another day. >> see you, friend. >> have a good one. >> on another road with another 30 miles to go. each step brings her closer to her goal and closer to home. >> i have had faith in you from the day you were born that something was going to
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challenge you. and that you would carry on with it. i'm proud to be your mother. >> jill's parents are also proud. >> so jill, she had incredible friends and i think part of it was that she saw greatness in her friends. and i think that she felt it and believed in them so they believed in themselves and they are living up to it. >> i think it's incredible that a young person would take the time out of her life to do something like this set her life aside. >> as for what kelsey would say to jill. >> i would thank her. i think this was her gift to me. and i miss her. i hope we are making her proud. >> kelsey is set to cross the golden gate bridge this saturday december 1 on jill's 25th birthday. she will be joined in her last lap by at least 100 runners escorted by the san francisco
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fire department and welcomed home with a fire boat water display at chrisy field. everyone is invited. cbs 5. and that welcome ceremony on the golden gate bridge is expected to happen at 2:30 this afternoon. that fire boat water display is expected to start around 3:00 this afternoon. these guys didn't mind the rain this weekend. they frolicked in. they are river otters and they are at the oakland zoo. zoo keeper ashley sent us this video. adorable. >> you know, rain not so bad unless it starts wreaking havoc. and brian is watching the latest system -- it looks like it's going to be the worse one. >> it will be in the ballpark of the system that we had yesterday. so it's right in the vicinity. >> i guess the concern is after we had the punch from yesterday, that this could just make
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things worse, the ground is already wet. >> yes. anything that falls just runs into the watershed like that nothing to soak it up and we know that story in the bay area. i guess the good news is that the rivers will reach flood stage at napa and st. e-y -- st. helena and guerneville. so the russian river and napa river bear watching. it doesn't look that they will be dramatically above flood stage and we will show you that in a minute. somebody needs a squeegee on that camera. 57 degrees in concord. oakland at 60 degrees. 57 in santa rosa. this early saturday morning and here is what we are expecting, low pressure continues to be the thing around which all of this flows, the big axis pulling in subtropical moisture and this is the next dose coming in and sitting out in the eastern pacific and that low will usher it in. one -- sunday is a soaker as that moisture heads towardth shoreline we expect to get hit again after midnight in the north bay tonight and tomorrow morning.
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again flood watches are posted for much of the coastal mountains. for the north bay and all of the coast range a flood warning posted on the russian river. a flood warning on the napa river. at napa and st. helena for tomorrow afternoon it's expected to get a couple of feet above flood stage on the napa and a little bit of above flood stage on the russian river. rain totals are impressive in the south bay. morgan hill picked up two inches of rain. oakland picked up almost two inches. and blackhawk three and a half inches. and for the central bay area the airport almost two inches. redwood city two-thirds of an inch in the north bay. st. helena five inches of rain. high-def doppler showing us we have light showers around the bay area this morning. they will continue to stream over us for much of the day expect light rain leading up to this next system and there is the next system visible on the satellite. first the light rain today and heavy rain tonight. forecast highs will be in the 60s for the most part on the
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future cast you can see what's happening by tomorrow morning light rain, light rain and then watch this top left hand part of your screen that's what we look at tomorrow morning. extended forecast, we finally get a break. on monday partly cloudy skies. and we get another little dose coming in on tuesday. once we are done with this system we will go to dry conditions for the second half of the week. this is the last big punch coming in at about midnight tonight in the north bay. all right, we will be here tomorrow morning tracking it for you and hopefully not tracking a whole bunch of damage. all the rain could not stop stanford and the title game. coming up next in sports how everything is coming up roses for the cardinals. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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favorite from c- b-s five's they say there is nothing like a home cooked meal to take you back to your childhood. a family favorite from cbs 5's fresh grocer, tony tantillo. >> one of my favorite dishes i made for her when she was around the house and she came home from college. >> i had to move out and do it on my hone. >> you did. now making it for dad. >> i did. >> why is it -- >> it takes a long time to make it. you are standing here for 20 minutes looking at the eggs and they smell so good and know how great it's going to taste. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> tomatoes and some white
7:19 am
onions and green peppers. little bit of olive oil and made the sauce. >> you make the sauce first and we crack the eggs on top of that and let it cook all together and when the eggs are done you eat it right out of the pan. >> 15 to 20 minutes but you want to make sure the eggs are done. these look done. >> we will finish them off and add some parsley on here. >> little bit of rosemary and get that oil out of there. >> and some oregano. and dad, you can throw whatever spices you want. >> i will add red peppers. perfect. and a little bit of regular pepper. on top. and that's it. now the best way to enjoy this is -- >> out of the skillet with some toast. that's all we do. >> serve it right there. toasted bread with a little olive oil and a fork and just dig in and enjoy. >> beautiful. >> eggs in purgatory. you made it for me. >> about time. >> thank you.
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beautiful. come on, dig in. >> one team is celebrating after stanford and ucla's football teams faced off yesterday. this time there was more on the line. the conference title to decide who will be representing the pack 12 in the grand daddy of all bowl games. our sports e -- reporter tell us which team will be smelling roses on new year's day. reporter: from palo alto this is where you needed to be last night as the stanford cardinal unbelievable, on thier way to the rose bowl and a red shirt freshman led the way. he did what andrew luck couldn't. going to pasadena for the post season. ucla was in the way of this one. six days after the two closed the regular season. check out this crowd. a soggy crowd. 31,622. smallest crowd in a couple of years. here is the school's all time leading rusher up and over one yard out and tied the game. early fourth quarter on third
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and 15, game mvp kevin hogan, a beautiful touchdown pass for a game tying 26-yard strike. tied the game and after a defensive stop, jordan williamson from 36 yards out, will take the lead and 39 seconds left came down to this 52-yard kick. no, no, no and the stanford cardinal beat ucla27-24 and it is on to the rose bowl. >> can almost taste it. eat some rose. >> quick, tough, smart kids that played well and when they play and we plan on being in this position hopefully more than once. reporter: who is waiting for the cardinal in pasadena? it will be either nebraska or wisconsin. funny if it was wisconsin because the last time the cardinal went to the rose bowl it was the great dane, ron dane
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and it was the wisconsin badgers running for it all. that was in 1999. back to you guys in studio. i'm going to get dry. have a good day, everybody. >> thank you. good luck because we have been talking about this morning another big storm on the way. we will keep an eye on it and tracking all of the rain and wind and take a look at it so people may see flooding on the roadways coming up next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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democrats and republicans tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, what may be a political game of chicken on capitol hill. democrats and republicans sparring over a middle class tax cuts and that so-called fiscal cliff. our political insider on why things are looking up for the president. >> it appears as if he is playing the hand where the cards are being revealed. it's almost like three card molly. boehner has got a problem with reference to the white house proposal. too many of his people are suddenly finding something attractive about it. >> plus, we are going to track all of the rain, wind and damage from the next big storm thaissments on eyewitness news this morning tomorrow on cbs 5.
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we will have a lot of crews in the field seeing what's going on and here is a look at the top stories. flood watches continue today around the bay area as another storm moves in. tonight we are expected to be hit hard by heavy rain and winds once again. it's the third and final storm of this series. the storms have been wreaking havoc on the roadways in santa cruz county. in particular several trees and wires were down in mountain towns. officials are keeping a close eye on the rising san lorenso river near bolder creek and the winter storms could be a challenge for businesses that are trying to cash in. walnut creek merchants are worried that rain may keep shoppers away this weekend which they are afraid would hurt their bottom line. economists predict americans will spend $586 billion this holiday season. it's unfortunate that all of this has to fall on the weekend, though the upside to that is that it's not troublesome for the commute. that was a big problem
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yesterday. we had lights out on the bay bridge. several bay bridges. >> you talk about timing for yesterday. that was bad news. we at least have good news with respect to the fact that next week this coming week we have one little storm coming in on tuesday but after that we are going to dry out the in the mean time we have the third of a one, two, three punch. as a result there are flash flood watches and warnings posted around the bay area this morning. even though most of the rain has turned light, there is a flood warning posted on the russian river and flood warning posted as well on the napa river. napa supposed to peak tomorrow afternoon and the russian river supposed to peak monday morning but just a little bit above flood stage and not like the dramatic flooding we had in 1982 and 1987. it bears watching. >> it's amazing how quickly those levels can rise. >> it just takes a little bit of rain in one place and wham. >> fans packed a concert hall in napa last night to say good-bye to a country legend.
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that's glen campbell playing some of his biggest and most recognizeddable hits. he is 76 years old and this is his farewell tour. fans packed uptown theater to watch the rhinestone cowboy. campbell has alzheimer's disease. when he forgets lyrics the audience sings along to help. the family says that's been very touching. ,,,,,,,,
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